Road Transport

 Western handles over 1000 road consignments/day with its modern  fleet  including  both regular cargo and Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC). We  have an extensive fleet of  LCVs, trucks, Containers, trailers, cranes,  forklifts etc which are deployed at strategic locations to ensure timely  delivery.

 Again, with the help of our state of the art in-house IT system, we  maintain 100%  dispatch tracking countrywide so that you can plan your  inventory and sales better.  Daily dispatch and Receipt reports are send to  all customers via email for their internal  planning and scheduling.

 Road Containers:In the recent years, the industry has realized the benefits  of using  containers for domestic transportation as well. Western  has been  at the forefront in this  revolution. We are the most experienced  vendor in  containerized cargo with a dedicated  fleet of over 100 containers  and  regularly ply more than 1000 containers/month all over  India. We  are also the first and only company in India to introduce open top  containers.  All containers are ISO certified and well maintained.

 Again, safety and security of your cargo is our utmost concern. Hence all  our  staff  including  drivers, helpers, supervisors etc have to undergo  regular  training sessions to  ensure safety of  your cargo.


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