C&F Warehousing

C&F Warehousing

Western Carrier’s (India) Limited facility is the oldest and the largest warehousing system, combined with the latest cutting-edge technology for tracking and inventory management. We use an innovative inventory management system where our warehouses act as zonal nodes, reducing inventory levels while taking into account even the remotest distributor’s godown accurately.
We have collaborated our C&F with a supply chain system to incorporate primary freight, secondary freight, sorting, packaging, and cargo handling. In some cases, clients authorised us to act as wholesalers to maintain buffer stock.
We boast of managing Project SARAL, HUL’s largest personal product factory in the world which is also one of our greatest achievements in C&F Warehousing. We have also been awarded the nation’s top Carrying and Forwarding Agency (CFA) by Tata and HUL.

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C&F Warehousing

We maintain a 5 lakh sq. ft. of a secure and hygienic warehouse which is used by top corporate companies.
Our warehouse facilities are cost-optimised to provide you with the best possible services at a minimum cost.
We handled projects like HUL’s SARAL and Coca-Cola’s 150,000 sq. ft. Super Hub.
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Here are just a few of the satisfied customers who have been trusting us with their business for decades.

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