River Transport

 River transport is a safe and efficient way to send goods and is a major  force in  transportation all over the world. It is coming into prominence in  our country as well  with lots of incentives and help from the government.  The Indo-Bangladesh trade is  dominated by riverine transportation.

 Western Carriers is the first and only logistics company to implement  and offer  road- river multimodal transportation for NE India (via  Bangladesh) as well as for  Bangladesh. This method has been tried and  tested and Western has already  dispatched over 100 barges in this mode  with 100% success. Western Carriers has its  own barges available from  500-1500 MT size which can be deployed based on your  tonnage and  volume of cargo on the riverine route. We have both flat-top and hatch  barges available. Again, we provide all related facilities like Customs,  Clearing,  Handling, door-to-door delivery so that you don't have to worry  about a thing.

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