About Our Company

  One of the largest logistics company in India with over 100 satisfied   clients.Over 70 own  branches across the country serving all major routes.
Experts in general, project, bulk and ODC cargo   handling.
  Pioneers in multi modul transport, road cum rail,   road cum river.

  Largest railway freight Forwarders in the   country.

Fully integrated home-grown IT backbone for tracing & tracking all   movements.

  Western Carriers' EDGE:

Experience- over 30 years of experience in logistics and supply chain   management.

Expertise- in depth expertise  in all  aspects of logistics-freight forwarding,   shipping,air cargo,trucking, clearance, storage, C&F and   distribution and   civil works including route surveys.

Resources- professionally managed company; own offices with full infrastru-  cture and own vehicles.

 Through single window logistics services, we ensure that all logistical  needs are   fulfilled by us to the fullest satisfaction so that you don't  have to spend even a minute   of your time on anything but your core  business.

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