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Over 50 branches all over India.
5 decades of experience.

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Western Carriers (India) Limited Network

We have over 50 branches across the country.

Services Offered

Western Carriers (India) Limited Offers Various Value Added
Services in Logisitcs

Custom House Agency

We are one of the national logistics companies to hold custom house agency licenses in our own name with most major ports in India. Our ability to supervise and maintain visibility over our customers’ EXIM trade facilitates timely arrival and dispatch of goods to and from the ports...

Multimodal Transportation

Our multi-modal logistics solutions, which includes road, railway, ocean/river/coastal and air logistics services, minimizes the loss of time and risk of loss, pilferage, and damage to cargo at trans-shipment points, reduces multiple layers of documentation and procedures and helps reduce costs...

Ocean and Air Freight

Our ocean & air logistics services cater to the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring swift and efficient transportation of time-sensitive goods such as critical spare parts, raw materials, and packaging materials.

Warehouse/Redistribution centres

We provide warehousing options and operate through a network of 15 warehouses that cover 423,999 square feet of warehousing facilities, as of December 31, 2022. Our network of warehouses is strategically located to enable scalability and flexibility...

Road Transport

We offer land logistics services through rail, road and through a combination of both to our customers which includes in-bound movement of containers (transportation of products, raw material or semi-furnished inventory to customers’ manufacturing or processing facility)...

Rail Transport

Our rail logistics services are suited to meet the needs of our customer base which can vary from smaller shipments of mini-rakes comprising up to 20 wagons and ‘jumbo rakes’ that support a capacity of up to 2,500 MT...
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